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Maison Routin 1883 Syrup

1883 3-bottle gift pack


A stylish gift pack comprising three of our 25cl 1883 syrup range, Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut and Vanilla.

1883 Amaretto syrup - 1 litre


We’re nuts for this one! 16ml of Amaretto works well in any hot chocolate Melt and works perfectly with Cherry syrup for a Bakewell experience.

1883 Banana syrup - 1 litre


Add 16ml of banana syrup to your Melt. Or for a liquid Banoffee experience pair with caramel. Particularly good in milk chocolate.

1883 Caramel Sugar Free syrup - 1 litre


Added to our sugar free hot chocolate Melt you can have all the fun with zero sugar. 16ml of caramel transforms your Melt into a real treat.

1883 Caramel syrup - 1 litre


A classic flavouring for hot chocolate. Beautiful on its own with a 16ml portion, or mix with Banana or Vanilla syrups if you’re feeling adventurous.

1883 Chai syrup - 1 litre


Add 16ml of Chai Melt for a recipe spanning back to ancient times.

1883 Cherry syrup - 1 litre


Did somebody say Black Forest? 16ml of Cherry in a Dark Melt is pure luxury. Or for the ultimate treat pair with Amaretto syrup for a Bakewell hot chocolate experience.

1883 Chestnut syrup - 1 litre


Winter fayres, crisp cold weather, probably the most evocative of the flavour range. 16ml added to any Melt makes for the perfect winter warmer. Try topping with cream and popping candy for the full open fire experience.

1883 Chilli - Cayenne Pepper syrup - 1 litre


Feeling hot! hot! hot! Spice up your Melt with this cayenne chilli pepper syrup. Just 16mls per mug is enough to turn up the heat. Montezuma would be proud.

1883 Cinnamon syrup - 1 litre


Add 16ml of Cinnamon for an old favourite. Comforting, spicy and traditional.

1883 Coconut syrup - 1 litre


Just add 16ml for an exotic pairing for any hot chocolate Melt. Paired up with Rum you get our Caribbean special.

1883 Gingerbread syrup - 1 litre


Gingerbread and chocolate make for a very comforting combination, the ginger spices work perfectly in any Melt. Just 16ml makes the perfect gingerbread Melt.

1883 Green Mint syrup - 1 litre


A versatile and popular combination. 16mls added to white, milk or dark hot chocolate Melt will create a liquid luxury take on the after dinner treat.

1883 Hazelnut Sugar Free syrup - 1 litre


A fantastic way to turn your hot chocolate Melt into a praline. 16mls of this nutty classic works fantastically well in all of our Melts, and creates a totally sugar free flavour sensation in our sugar free Melt. Full exorbitance, zero sugar.

1883 Hazelnut syrup - 1 litre


A fantastic way to turn your hot chocolate Melt into a praline. 16mls of this nutty classic works fantastically well in all of our Melts. Why not pair with a shot of Linton House espresso for a Hazelnut Mocha?

1883 Irish Cream syrup - 1 litre


Naughty but nice. A great way to create an alcohol free classic. 16ml of Irish Cream will make a decadent and indulgent treat for sure.

1883 Raspberry syrup - 1 litre


Sweet yet sharp, pairs fantastically with white chocolate or for something with extra zing add 16ml to a Ruby hot chocolate Melt.

1883 Rose syrup - 1 litre


Add 16ml of Rose syrup to your Melt for a Turkish Delight special. Fantastic in white, milk and dark varieties of Melt.

1883 Rum syrup - 1 litre


All the fun, but with zero alcohol. 16ml of rum syrup will give you that full flavour. We like to pair it with a white hot chocolate Melt, and add a dash of Coconut for a taste of the Caribbean.

1883 Salted Caramel syrup - 1 litre


A firm favourite of chocolate lovers in truffles, chocolate bars and all manner of other goodies. Recreate this modern day classic in your favourite hot chocolate Melt by adding 16ml.

1883 Spiced Pumpkin syrup - 1 litre


Add 16ml of Pumpkin spice syrup to your Melt or latte to add warming autumnal spice.

1883 Strawberry syrup - 1 litre


A fruity classic for frappes, milkshakes or anything else that needs a strawberry hit.

1883 syrup pump


8ml portion control pump - simply prime and add 2 pumps (16ml) of your favourite 1883 flavour to your Melt for the perfectly balanced flavour experience.

1883 Terry's Chocolate Orange syrup - 1 litre


A brilliant chocolate orange flavour syrup for your Hot Chocolate Melt. Re-create the popular and classic treat using 2 pumps of Terry's Chocolate Orange in any Marimba Melt.

1883 Toasted Mallow syrup - 1 litre


What better flavour boost for a hot chocolate than the traditional sweet notes of toasted marshmallows? Just 16ml of syrup works well in any hot chocolate Melt.

1883 Triple Sec Bitter Orange syrup - 1 litre


Chocolate Orange. Need we say more. 16ml in any Melt works wonders. For something different pair with white chocolate.

1883 Vanilla Sugar Free syrup - 1 litre


Full flavour, zero sugar. Maison Routin 1883 are the pinnacle of syrup flavourings. Made in France from natural spring water from the French Alps and using the finest essences available. 1883 are more concentrated than others, so just 16ml is needed in a normal 12oz mug. Using less syrup means you are sure to not over sweeten your hot chocolate Melt, making them the perfect partner for our hot chocolate.

1883 Vanilla syrup - 1 litre


Smooth and delicious. 16ml of Vanilla syrup will add decadence to any Melt. Pair it with Caramel syrup for something extra special!

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