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Hot chocolate, redefined

Marimba's Hot Chocolate Melts are made from from flakes of single-origin chocolate - in smooth Venezuela milk, delicious Dominican Republic white or sophisticated Ecuador dark varieties.

The full range now includes sugar-free dark.

Served in over 500 cafes nationwide

Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts are served in coffee bars, cafes, garden centres and restaurants throughout the U.K.

See our map to find the nearest to you.

luxury hot chocolate
handmade truffles

Indulgent handmade chocolates

As well as its signature Hot Chocolate Melts, Marimba also hand-makes delicious truffles and chocolate bars, salted caramel pretzels, single-origin Easter eggs and more.

All available from our chocolate shop in Sudbury, or order online for home delivery.

Museum of
Hot Chocolate, Sudbury

Marimba has its own Museum of Hot Chocolate which charts the history of cocoa from the Mayans to the modern day.

Why not also visit our original Cocoa House in Sudbury, for a Hot Chocolate Melt, an excellent coffee, light lunch or afternoon tea.

Hot Chocolate Museum

Cafe Society award winning

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