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Seasonal Collections

Every three months we bring you a new limited-edition collection: One innovative Hot Chocolate Melt, two varieties of our amazing Thins, and a pack of seasonal chocolates - all handmade in our Bury St Edmunds kitchens.

42% Autumn Blend Milk Hot Chocolate Melt - 160g (Autumn)


Flakes of 43% milk chocolate for blending into milk. Milk chocolate lovers rejoice! Our Autumn special is a hug in a mug! Our chocolatiers have tirelessly worked to discover the perfect blend with the optimum cocoa percentage to balance a luxurious chocolate taste with sweetness. Sweet and creamy, this chocolate makes a hot chocolate like no other.

Hygge Thins (Autumn)


Single origin milk chocolate is flavoured with apple and cinnamon and sprinkled generously with raisins for a real Autumnal treat.

Passionfruit and Lime Thins (Autumn)


Single origin chocolate from the Tumaco region of Colombia is flavoured with passionfruit and lime.

Seasonal Collection Box (Autumn)


Our Autumn Collection presentation box, containing one each of our seasonal products: 80% African Dark Hot Chocolate Melt; Passionfruit and Lime Thins; Hygge Thins and a pack of chocolates with two each of Pear Caramel, Hazelnut Mocha Mousse and Bananilla Truffle.

Seasonal Collection Chocolates (Autumn)


Two each of Pear Caramel, Hazelnut Mocha Mousse and Bananilla Truffle

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