Marimba Hot Chocolate MeltsMarimba Hot Chocolate Melts


Display tubs and portion-control scoops are provided free with your first order.

Heat with milk using your espresso steam wand.

Simply pour and serve. What could be simpler?

Hot Chocolate Melts are simple to prepare, even in the busiest cafe

Consistent high quality is the hallmark of any successful and thriving cafe or coffee bar, whether it is in the blends of coffee beans, variety of fine teas or sumptuous cakes and patisserie. Hot Chocolate Melts provide the same level of indulgent experience, and soon establish a reputation which brings customers hurrying back for more.

Our signature Hot Chocolate Melts contain single-origin cocoa, sugar, milk, a touch of natural vanilla and nothing else. Each 12oz serving is made from a whole 40g of flakes of real chocolate, just the same as our handmade chocolate bars.

Yes, there really is a whole bar in every cup!


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Get inspired by our flavour combinations

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Attract more customers

Marimba developed the Hot Chocolate Melt range for cafes and in retail packs using the experience gained through operating our own Cocoa House and chocolate shop. We know first-hand the importance of great sales materials to attract customers.

Posters and table signs

We provide free-of-charge point of sale advertising materials for our white, milk and dark, sugar-free and iced Melts. These are available as A2 posters, or as rigid triangular table signs.

Pavement signs

Bring customers in from the streets with our attractive Hot Chocolate Melt pavement signs.

Window stickers

Tell the world you proudly serve Marimba Hot Chocolate Melts.

Mugs and saucers

Our own style mugs are perfect for hot chocolate.

Our Winter special

Why not serve our Winter Chestnut special, using Chestnut syrup and chocolate popping candy which we can supply, along with special posters and table signs...

Cafe Society award winning

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