Marimba Hot Chocolate MeltsMarimba Hot Chocolate Melts


Luxury handmade chocolates

Marimba's Suffolk chocolatiers have created a delicious chocolate selection with all of your favourite flavours.

White, milk and dark single origin and Belgian chocolate has been carefully selected to complement each truffle variety, and all are handmade in small batches in our own kitchens to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

Why not treat someone special with a box or indulge yourself with a bag of Marimba chocolates selected from the range at our Subdury chocolatier shop, or order a selection box online.


Our signature selection:

ChampagneWhite TruffleVanilla Caramel
Nut ClusterMarzipanAmaretto
Milk TruffleVanillaHazelnut Mousse
RaspberryOrange CrunchPineapple & Coconut
Toffee AppleIrish WhiskeyWhisky & Ginger Wine
CappuccinoRumChampagne & Strawberry
GingerCoffeePassionfruit Cream
Dark TruffleMintStrawberry

See the full descriptions and pictures here.

An excellent selection of boxes

We have a range of stylish boxes for all occasions, and these can be filled with chocolates of your choice from our own handmade range, or Belgian no added sugar.

There are hearts for loved ones, elegant rounds and a choice of sizes in our ever popular clear-top presentation boxes. Or our own printed Signature collection box - new for 2017.

Cafe Society award winning

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