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Assorted Fudges hand-dipped in Chocolate

Vanilla fudge dipped in Ecuador 71% dark chocolate Rum and Raisin fudge dipped in Venezuela 43% milk chocolate Chocolate fudge dipped in Colombia 34% white chocolate

From the range of chocolate made by family business Marimba in its Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, kitchens. See the full range or visit our own shop in Sudbury.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup cocoa butter cocoa mass vegetable fats: palm coconut milk powder raisins fat reduced cocoa powder salt emulsifier: soya lecithin natural flavourings natural vanilla extract White chocolate contains cocoa solids 34% minimum milk solids 18% minimum Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids: 71% minimum milk chocolate contains cocoa solids: 43% minimum milk solids: 19% minimum
Nutrition information:

per 100g
of which - saturates15.5g
of which - sugars60.4g

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