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Charting the development of hot cocoa from the Mayans to the modern day

The Museum of Hot Chocolate in Sudbury, Suffolk, charts the history of hot cocoa from the early civilisations of central America, through the Spanish conquistadors to over 400 years of chocolate beverages in Great Britain.

The timeline is laid out in graphics, and there are exhibits of cocoa packaging and advertising materials, some of which are over 150 years old.

The fascinating facts reveal how:

  • chocolate has been used as a currency, a medicine and as a carrier for poison
  • manufacturers in the nineteenth century struggled to control hot chocolate's fattiness
  • polar explorers relied on cocoa for their energy
  • the temperance movement put hot cocoa at the heart of its Cocoa Rooms
  • some of the biggest brands are now just memories - Churchman, Taylor Brothers and Epps'
  • hot chocolate retained its place as a sophisticated adult drink
Free admission  •  Mon-Sat 10am-4pm  •  6 Borehamgate, Sudbury, Suffolk

Cafe Society award winning

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