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Teasup 25 Matcha - 500g loose leaf

Japanese ceremonial grade Matcha.

Matcha belongs to the Japanese green tea category, meaning that it is steamed after being harvested to stop the oxidation process and this is why it retains its brilliant green colour.

What makes Matcha truly special is its growing style, harvest and production process. It is these conditions that contribute to its unique colour, aroma and taste profile. Matcha comes in a fine powdered form. The leaves are blended so finely they look like powder. Used for its captivating earthy taste profile and vibrant green colour, its legendary health benefits are due in part to the fact that you actually ingest the green tea leaves.

At Teasup we only use the purest Matcha so it is perfect for Japanese tea ceremonies as well as Matcha lattes.

This hearty ceremonial-grade Matcha brews a deeply rich emerald green cordial with robust body, sweet-savoury undertones and a bouquet of floral notes and delicate tannins.

Iridescent green in colour, our Matcha is masterfully blended to create a well- defined, flavoursome brew with sweet, mellow top notes, followed by savoury undertones of salted caramel and with floral hints of tannins complementing the finish.

This Matcha is characterised by its remarkable ooika fragrance, a captivatingly refreshing aroma found only in the most exceptional shade-grown green tea.

From the range of delights supplied by Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk-based family business Marimba World Chocolate. See the full range or visit our own shops in Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds.


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