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Teasup 1 Breakfast Blend - 1,000g loose leaf

Our signature, award-winning English Breakfast Tea. The key is the speciality tea leaves - fine-plucked, high grown, smallholder tea from the best planting districts around Mt Kenya, high grown tea from the the Gisovu Tea Estate in Rwanda, and premium second flush Assam leaves from the Hunwal Tea Estate in India.

The result is a rich, full-bodied tea with a lovely golden colour. Strength and briskness comes from the East African teas, balanced with the maltiness of Assam. Great with a dash of milk and a perfect way to start your day.

Brewing instructions: 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf or 1 pyramid bag. 3-5mins at 95-100ºC with milk.

Good to know fun fact: The first English breakfast blend actually comes from America! In 1843, Richard Davies, an English apothecary from Hull who had founded a small tea company in New York, made a new mix of tea that he called “English Breakfast”, and the people loved it!

Food pairing: Extremely versatile and perfect with breakfast, whether its English or Continental, cakes or chocolate.

From the range of delights supplied by Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk-based family business Marimba World Chocolate. See the full range or visit our own shops in Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds.

Ingredients: Black Tea. Contains Caffeine.

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Teasup 21 Lemongrass & Ginger - 500g loose leaf


This refreshing caffeine-free infusion takes you on an uplifting taste journey, with fresh citric notes from the finest lemongrass, and hints of spice from the ginger and fennel. Brewing instructions: 2 teaspoons of loose leaf or 1 pyramid bag*. 3-5 mins as preferred, at 95-100º without milk. *The pyramid tea bags are plastic-free. Good to know: 100% caffeine-free, it's great to drink at any time of day.

Teasup 3 Jasmine Green - 1,000g loose leaf


The key to this divine jasmine tea is the high quality green tea, married with the finest jasmine blossoms to bring you the most sensationally sweet aroma. Jasmine flowers are picked during the day and layered with tea leaves during the evening when they open to release their incredible perfume. It results in a taste that is sweet, smooth and delicate. It will also help keep you gently caffeinated throughout the day. Last but not least this tea is a Great Taste Award winner. Brewing instructions: Often green teas like Jasmine tea can taste overly bitter if brewed incorrectly. The key to brewing this great cup of jasmine green tea is to remember that "Less is more!" Less tea, less temperature, less time! Use 1 teaspoon of loose leaf or 1 pyramid bag per cup. Brew for only 2-3 mins at 80-85ºC. This will help avoid any bitterness, and instead will bring out the beautifully smooth sweetness of the green tea. So how do you get the correct temperature? If you don't have a temperature controlled kettle, just let your kettle cool down or add a small amount of cold water when brewing - fill your cup (or pot) with about one quarter cold water and three quarters boiling water, to give you a great temperature for brewing. Then add your tea leaves, and brew. Best without milk and use filtered water if you can. Once you've had your first cup you can also add more water over the tea leaves to enjoy a second infusion. Food pairing: It also goes exceptionally well with hard cheeses like cheddar making it taste even creamier. It also goes with fried foods, as it cuts nicely through the oil, as well as being great to drink throughout the day on its own.

Teasup Tea Infuser


The Teasup Tea Infuser makes brewing loose leaf tea easy wherever you are. In fact it's as easy as using tea bags without the waste, and it's dishwasher-safe. Simply place the infuser into your cup/ mug, add your loose leaf, pour over the hot water and put on the lid. When you've infused your tea, you can take off the lid and use it as a coaster for your infuser. Check out the video above! Technical details: food grade 304 stainless steel, with food grade silicon gloves. Depth of 6.1cm, perfect for most types of cup/ mug.