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Easter eggs handmade in Bury St Edmunds

We have a range of different sizes and prices, made from top quality single-origin chocolate by hand in our kitchens in Bury St Edmunds - and on sale exclusively in our shop in Sudbury. If you have one of our loyalty cards then there are rewards available on the eggs as well as in the Cocoa House.

Easter eggs will be back in stock from February 2018!

Egg-stra Large

Our top of the range egg, with a box of six truffles on the side!

The Truffle Egg

Our new signature egg. Made from Venezuela milk, Ecuador dark or Dominican Republic white chocolate, coated with chocolate flakes and with six delicious truffles inside. Wow!

Nutty Milk, Fruity White and Golden Dark

Beautiful hand-crafted and unique eggs made from single-origin chocolate - every one unique.

No Added Sugar Milk and Sugar Free Dark

A delicious alternative.

Speckled Eggs

Fun, vibrant and jazzy, these eggs are available in white or milk varieties.

Cafe Society award winning

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